Taxi & Touch 'n Go card


Klang Valley:


Airport Limo & Taxi Service

Tel: 03 9223 8080, 03 9223 8949 (Booking Centre)

Tel: 03 8787 3675 (KLIA Counter)

City Line

Tel: 03 9222 2828

Comfort Radio Taxi

Tel: 03 8024 2727, Fax: 03 8024 1111

Eco Transit

Tel: 03 5512 2266

Hotline Radio Taxi

Tel: 03 255 3399

Mesra Cab

Tel: 03 4043 0659

Oriental Radio Taxi

Tel: 03 2694 4718

Persatuan Radio Teksi Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan

Tel: 03 2693 6211

Public Cab - Maxi Cab with online booking of cabs

Tel: 03 6259 2020

Radio Taxi.

Tel: 03 9221 7600

Saujana Teksi

Tel: 03 2162 8888

Sunlight Radio Taxi

Tel: 03 9057 1111, 03 9057 5757 - Town Taxi Dial-a-Cab / Booking (Klang Valley)

Tel: 03 9058 1166 - Premier Taxi Dial-a-Cab / Booking (Klang Valley)

Tel: 07 357 1111, 07 354 9955 (Town Taxi Dial-a-Cab / Booking (JB, Johor)


Tel: 03 2095 3399

SW Radio Taxis

Tel: 03 2693 6211


Tel: 03 4042 1019

UpTown Ace SuperCab

Tel: 03 9283 2333

Wira Cab

Tel: 03 2144 3630


**Additional charges will applied for taxi phone call reservation and after 12am midnight trip. 


About Touch n' Go Card

Better than cash, faster than credit. 

The days of being weighed down by loose change are over! As your Touch 'n Go is a prepaid electronic-cash card, it's the prefect alternative to cash. 

Whar's more? It's provide you with the ultimate convenience, because unlike credit cards, you can use your Touch 'n Go for purchase as low as RM 1.00

Did we mentioned that it's fast too? No signature is required - just a simple 'touch' on the payment terminal and you're good to go!

Whether you're taking the LRT, parking your car, balik-ing kampong, watching a movie, grabbing a quick drink or just satisfying your afternoon craving for a donut - all you need to do is Touch 'n Go. 

To learn more about all the places where you can touch 'n go, visit


Where can I get a Touch 'n Go card? 

1. Any selected petrol station (i.e PETRONAS)

2. LRT stations

3. Sales Counter located at highways (PLUS, ELITE, Ampang KL Elevated Highway, Penang Bridge, Besraya, SILK, Linkedua, New Pantai Expressway, Metramac & Shapadu).


How can I apply a Touch 'n Go card? 

Must fill up a customer form at Touch 'n Go Sales counter. The card cost is RM 10.00 and comes with a one-year warranty period. 

Customer can reload value from RM 10, RM 20, RM 35, RM 50, RM 100, RM 200 and RM 500. 


Is there a warranty period for Touch 'n Go card? 

YES. All new Touch 'n Go cards come with a one-year warranty period. If the card is faulty during this period, customer will get a card replacement free-of-charge. 

However, the Touch 'n Go card has been tested to last around 64,000 transactions or equilavent to 10-year lifespan for a very heavy user. 


How can I reload my Touch 'n Go card? 

1. banks ATM/CDM

2. Petrol stations

3. Any highway tool booth counter with 'Tambahan Nilai' 

4. Highways with Sales Counter located. 

5. STAR, LRT Station, Komuter station, Putra station. 


Is there a maximum value/limit that can be stored in the card? 

YES. For security reason, each Touch 'n Go card can store only up to RM 1,500.00






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